FancyDownloader is not really fancy — it was developed to download and synchronize Fancyclopedia. It is a Python 3 program developed under PyCharms 2016 which maintains an up-to-date local copy of a wiki, including everything accessible through the Wikidot API: Page source, metadata, attached files. Pretty much everything except history.

Since Fancyclopedia is fairly large 21,000+ pages, care has been taken to avoid unnecessary downloads, so once a local copy of a page exists, it won't be downloaded again unless it is updated.

There are two files: and

They are very easy to use, but you may have a bit of a struggle setting up a Python development environment in which to run them. Documentation is in the files.

They work for me, but it would be astonishing if there weren't still bugs — corrections and improvements are welcomed! (The source is also on GitHub under user mlo31415.)